2: Fresh Ears

Do you have this experience, where you heard a song years ago and loved it, but now when you hear it, it’s kinda’ boring? Silly? The magic’s gone? How about a song you didn’t like when you were young, maybe because it was “old people” stuff and now, that you are old people, you find it beautiful? Or maybe a song who’s lyrics went in through one ear and out the other when you first heard it, but something maybe happened in your life and suddenly the words take on a whole new meaning? I bet it happens to you. It certainly happens to me.

This is what Fresh Ears is all about. A new look at old stuff. In this category, I will cover music where my perception of it changed over time. Where a song took on a new meaning. Maybe my taste changed, maybe something happened in my personal life and suddenly a song “feels” different. I also have a “special case”: I grew up in Israel. As a child, I didn’t speak English, so when listening to the great English hits, I loved the sound but didn’t understand much of what the artists were saying. Now, after many years in the US, every time I listen to one of those golden oldies, I have a whole new experience… “Wow, so that’s what the song was saying!”.

I will continue to add specific examples of this kind of experience. How about you? Tell us about your fresh ears experiences.

2 thoughts on “Fresh Ears

  1. I find as I get older and hear the songs my parents loved that I hear them with “fresh ears”. They bring back wonderful memories of family time.
    Unfortunately at the time I thought them old and outdated and often wonder if my children feel the same.
    I think all music brings on new meaning as our life experiences change and we grow older.
    Again another wonderful look at music.

  2. Thank you!

    My mom never was into music but my dad loved specific pieces of classes music – things he learned to love from his own childhood. Now, when I hear them, it definitely had additional meaning for me, since my dad passed away last year.

    Thanks for sharing.

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