Lost & Found

This category is about pieces of music that I once heard but never was able to find. Or something I had, then lost. Then after a long time, I suddenly found it. What a joy 🙂

The most fun scenario is the hunt. I overhear something – say on the radio or TV – I like it but don’t know what it is. Shazam is not always at hand and sometimes it doesn’t recognize the piece (especially that I tend to like more esoteric music). The show host does not always tell what the song is. So there I am, just heard something cool, want to add it to my library but how can I find it? What is it? And so the hunt begins. Trying any trick I can think of. Maybe find the show online, then I can play it until I reach the piece and Shazam it. Pick up phrases in the lyrics while listening and Google them. Hear some partial info about the piece like the artist’s name, but not the piece title, then search. The hunt is fun, like a treasure hunt, and even more satisfying if it’s successful.

So stand by for some hunting stories. And as usual, you are welcome to share yours.

1 thought on “Lost & Found

  1. Another wonderful drift into music’s influence on our lives.

    I find most of my treasure hunts come from romance movies where an obscure piece would be played during a particularly romantic scene and have an immediate thought to share with a loved one and become relentless in finding it.

    Sometimes it’s surprising to learn it’s a short piece from something I knew long ago making it a pleasurable ‘re-acquaintance.

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