19: On the Flight

One of the ways I find music that I like is during flights. Yes, flights… You know, airplanes and things. I sit for hours cramped like a sardine in a narrow seat. So I try to break the boredom. I go methodically through the music, offered on the aircraft’s entertainment system. I find something I like, I make a note and later explore it more, and if I still like it, I add it to my collection.

Obviously, there is nothing that really connects between the pieces in the posts in this category other than I found them while “on the flight”. But I still want to share them. So this category will be used to just share things I like without any connecting theme – just random collections of pieces. And even though this category is called “On the Flight”, it will also include things that I found not while flying – just anything random that I like and want to throw out there.



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