Hi there.

So, yes, I guess it’s another blog about music. I’m just the guy next door. I love music… all sorts… and sometimes in the mood for saying something about it and sharing with others – you.

This is not your hot news, latest-thing-in-pop kind of thing. As the tagline hints, this is going to be rather laid-back. I will write what I feel like, when I feel like it and hopefully you will find something in here that will resonate with you and you will sort of drift along with me.

As I noted, I like all kinds of music. Mainly, Rock, prog-rock, some pop, contemporary, folk, world, even some classical. I’ll probably think of some more later. I have no rules and no filters about “my” music – I listen, I like, I adopt it. I have a collection of 5000+ tracks. Some people are amazed I have so many. Others think I’m pathetic.

So come along with me, let’s talk and sing and dance and sway. Most important, let’s enjoy.


And for formalities: This is all CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, except for the stuff I don’t own, of course.

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