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My Daughter’s Climb

As you may guess, the latest in pop music is not my forte. I don’t follow much all the glitz of the latest star-of-the-moment (is it Taylor Swift now? I think?). Nothing wrong with that music but just not my taste. No wonder, therefore, that when I sometimes “discover” one of those greatest hits, the hit and the hitter are long forgotten.

The first time in my life that I heard (or at least noticed) Miley Cyrus’ The Climb, was about a year ago. Yeah, 5 years late… I kind of overheard it on a car radio and made a mental note that the lyrics were sort of nice but rather cliche. Dismissed it and forgot about it.

A few days ago, I attended my daughter’s high school graduation ceremony. The program included several songs, performed by students. The Climb was one of them. That was a “wow” moment for me. All of a sudden the cliche became so powerful. For an old, cynical guy like me, this was child talk. But now it’s not just any child, it’s my child, my daughter. What a different sound and meaning the song suddenly had for me. I could imagine my daughter standing at the foot of the mountain. She is just beginning the climb. So fitting.

Definitely a case of fresh ears.

2: Fresh Ears

Do you have this experience, where you heard a song years ago and loved it, but now when you hear it, it’s kinda’ boring? Silly? The magic’s gone? How about a song you didn’t like when you were young, maybe because it was “old people” stuff and now, that you are old people, you find it beautiful? Or maybe a song who’s lyrics went in through one ear and out the other when you first heard it, but something maybe happened in your life and suddenly the words take on a whole new meaning? I bet it happens to you. It certainly happens to me.

This is what Fresh Ears is all about. A new look at old stuff. In this category, I will cover music where my perception of it changed over time. Where a song took on a new meaning. Maybe my taste changed, maybe something happened in my personal life and suddenly a song “feels” different. I also have a “special case”: I grew up in Israel. As a child, I didn’t speak English, so when listening to the great English hits, I loved the sound but didn’t understand much of what the artists were saying. Now, after many years in the US, every time I listen to one of those golden oldies, I have a whole new experience… “Wow, so that’s what the song was saying!”.

I will continue to add specific examples of this kind of experience. How about you? Tell us about your fresh ears experiences.