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22: Some Recent Discoveries

Been busy lately and didn’t have time to write here. Still busy. So I will just throw in a short, random collection of music pieces I discovered lately (although some of them are not new at all). The two things they have in common are:

  • I like them (duh).
  • I just came across these pieces by chance (hence they are in the “On the Fly” category).

I hope you’ll enjoy too.

In a previous post, I discussed my affection for A Cappella music. So here is another one that I found recently. Again, this piece mixes dance-electronics with Gregorian chanting – one of my fav styles: Magna Canta by Agnus Dei:

The next song, I’m not sure how to describe, but I like it. So here it is: Animal Collective in My Girls:

Well, a nice clip if nothing else 😉

My friend, Uri introduced me to Philip Glass. Not sure how I missed him before, but I did. I found a lot of his music that I like a lot. He deserve a whole dedicated post (heck, a whole blog), but here at least is one of the pieces I like best –  Metamorphosis:

In a previous post (The Lost Memorial), I discussed the piece Memorial by Michael Nyman. I just found out lately that both Glass and Nyman are prominent musicians in the Minimalist genre. I guess I like minimalist.

11: My Friend Uri Rosenberg

I recently visited with my very good old friend Uri Rosenberg. Uri and I go back together all the way to first grade. Kept in touch all these years.

Uri has all sorts of hobbies and he does very well at them. He takes his stuff very seriously and it shows. He loves literature – recently finished his M.Sc. – nice job Uri! He also has a blog about Israeli history, based on old documents that he digs up from… I don’t know where.

Uri has been an avid amateur photographer for many years. The word “amateur” does him disservice because he does a beautiful job and IMHO is as good as a pro, but I use the word to indicate that he does this for the fun and love of the activity, not for the money. He never made a business out of it and intentionally so. A true artist. His work was presented several times in galleries and won prizes. Here are some examples of his work.

A few years ago, Uri started expanding into video. He does the whole production: filming, recording, directing, editing, etc. Here is a collection of his work.

Well, this blog is about music, so this brings me to the music in Uri’s videos. Uri is very particular about the music he uses in his videos and I love his choices (at least most of them). So go ahead and view the clips. The videos are very beautiful, and if you are Israeli or Jewish with love for that country and culture you will have a real treat. View the clips and pay special attention to the music and how it fits and flows with the visuals. And note the very exacting level of scrutiny Uri puts in his work. He is a perfectionist 🙂

In future posts, I will say some more specific things about some of these clips. Right now, I want to point out a little gem: Atai’s Garden is a beautiful documentary about nature and a wonderful man and if you watch it patiently, you will find a lovely musical surprise at the end.

Thank you Uri. Continue the great job and share with us.